G / N confrontation Middle East of winding (Yemen civil war)

Syria - World History G / N confrontation Middle East of winding (Yemen civil war) The current Middle East .... Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia and Iran are Igamia'. But, something that has become the cause is not known too much. The cause is [Yemen civil war]. But the Yemen civil war ..... Because civil war is a battle of A school and B school. ..... and take a look at the back A faction of the back is a Saudi Arabia. In addition, there are the United States is in the back. B faction of the back, is Iran. In addition, it is Russia, China, North Korea is in the back. Here too there is a composition to compete with the United States / China. In, to tell the G / N confrontation Middle East of the winding, First now taking place I want to keep suppressing the Yemen civil war as the reality of the problem. With that said, A country of Yemen, but originally, was divided into north and south. Yemen of time at the time of the outbreak of World War I, North is in the territories of the Ottoman countries, the South was a British colony.

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