Why it has occurred war? What it is painful

Syria - World History Why it has occurred war? What it is painful? The answer of ... of people Syrian In the Middle East of Syria, the quagmire of civil war between the Assad regime and dissidents, we are trying to soon year Tato. Not a monolithic to say that the dissidents, and that the organization of the various concepts are bristling, countries such as neighboring Iran and Turkey, Russia, that also powers like the United States from each of speculation are participating in the war because of such, civil war has been prolonged. However, we flow the observation that or not than civil war has ceased to win the Assad regime side in recent years. Concerning Syria, Yasuda Junpei's journalists who had been held hostage is released in October, he was returning home. There were many reports about Syria in that case, not a quite often the opportunity that situation is reported from the usual in Japan. The Yomiuri newspaper KODOMO (month and day issue), Syria-born Palestinian pianist, introduced the Japan tour's Eihamuahamado, we discussed the composition of the civil war.

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