It withdrew from the Middle East the United States chose ...

Syria - World History Trump's decision. It withdrew from the Middle East the United States chose a full confrontation war with China Month, announced the Syrian withdrawal start of the military the United States. Trump, but the President was also explained that [in order to defeat the Islamic State] on Twitter, it seems a new strategy in its shadow has been started. Kitano Saiwaihaku's international relations journalist with its own free e-mail magazine "Russian political and economic journal", 0 years of [Arab Spring] and later, look back on Syria situation that proxy war underground of the United States and Russia over the Middle East hegemony, fact in the country United States, which appear to have the upper defeat the draw trying to clarify the [new world strategy]. The United States, large defeat in Syria, but ... Apparently it seems the United States is a big transformation in the Middle East strategy. Sanders spokesman of the White House the day, was revealed when US forces to deploy in Syria have begun to withdraw.

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