Sniper to withstand unexpected bombing the city ... world's worst ...

Syria - World History Sniper to withstand unexpected bombing the city ... world's worst class of Conflict, now of Yemen Taenai air strikes, sniper lurking in the city (snipers), a child of life ...... be lost. Currently in the Middle East of Yemen, also have occurred worst level of the civil war in the world. Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards the Japanese, has issued a saving recommendations to the country throughout, is one of the world's countries. However, compared to Syria of the same civil war, it can not be said of its actual situation are well known. [People are always the life feeling the danger]. To the staff of Doctors Without Borders to know the local, we heard about the situation to increase the severity. Civil war intensified civilian million people super death Yemen, in the long Republic from east to west in the south of Middle East Saudi Arabia, is famous for its production of mocha coffee. Domestic area is approximately of Japan. Times, the population is about 000,000 people. And Hadi interim president faction in Yemen, anti-government armed groups of Shiite [Houthis] conflict.

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