Air strikes can not be the [Islamic State] measures

Syria - World History Air strikes can not be the [Islamic State] measures - listen to Mr. Middle East journalist K Editor's note: One of the reasons why the refugees are large quantities occurred, is the presence of the Islamic countries world's attention (IS). Will the Islamic countries was born How? K: one of you there is a element. One is warlike people in the strict principle person in the Muslim. They are called [Sarah fee di Hardy]. In Iraq Islamic State was born, also once strict principle person in the era of Saddam Hussein, did not have Neither warlike people. Since the Saddam Hussein regime was secular, not religious, organization of Islamic strict principle was not brought up. In addition, by was a military dictatorship, did not come in also group to the armed struggle, such as al-Qaeda. But the United States that caused the Iraq war in 2000, Iraq is now in conflict areas. Necessity to protect the life of the family on their own in a society that confusion, have more people with a gun at the individual level.

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