Whether Russia is why decided to Syria air strikes

Syria - World History Why Russia has decided to Syria air strikes - View from the Russian point of view the Middle East world - Russian President Vladimir Putin is the end, was the start of the air strikes to Syria of Islamic extremist groups. The military intervention in other countries other than the former Soviet Union, is the collapse of the Soviet Union after the first time, a large-scale foreign military activity since the Afghanistan military intervention of the year. Western countries, does not expect the current Russian military intervention, it is impressive that has been caught off guard. For this reason, especially in the Western media, [Ukraine's aim is to divert attention from the civil war] Toka, to support the only Russian naval port is present, leading Offer country of Syria Bashar al-Assad regime of Russian weapons in the Middle East I], and further, [Western invoke the pair Russian economic sanctions countries, in particular checks and balances of the US administration, there were numerous commentaries of bargaining's] and such that contemplates a growing power in the Middle East.

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