Impact on the Middle East [throwback] diplomacy of Trump President

Syria - World History Impact on the Middle East [throwback] diplomacy of Trump President Emphasis on Israel and Saudi Trump administration has consistently Mon-Sun, NATO summit meeting in Brussels was held, and the Trump President to request the unilateral increase of defense expenditure burden on Member States, the cold relationship between Canada and the European member states members was clear. In particular, the situation in the Middle East and Concerning Russia, has spread the divergence between Trump president and European leaders. In Canada Charlevoix G Summit of the month-Sun, Trump President, proposed a Russian summit return, I received a backlash from Europe. In addition, the month and day, plans to open a US-Russia summit in Helsinki. And the Middle East policy of playing cards administration, as a result, strengthening influence of Russia in the Middle East, about the current situation that, it may be necessary to look back again after the United States and Russia summit.

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