Cause of Lebanon division is not a sectarian conflict

Syria - World History Cause of Lebanon division is not a sectarian conflict Beirut is relatively close from Damascus. Closer than go to Homs. Syria of highway Route is heading to Beirut. Ottoman Beirut was a member of the Damascus province. If you remember this, that Syria to Lebanon civil war of the year over 0 years has been interference, it is not appropriate to call it aggression. Different than the one to the far foreign country across the sea to the colony. More of the Middle East dominated by the United States deserves to be called [interference of foreign countries]. In fact the Arab public opinion has always insisted that way. Year lasted Lebanon civil war was ended by Syria becomes the arbitrator. Many of the Christians during the civil war has left the Lebanon, it was moved to outside the country. Christians there is a ruling class in Lebanon, but the percentage of the population are not many. Further reduces the population by country escape of the Christians, it has become difficult for them to continue to dominate the Lebanon.

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